Algorfa Dereliction

A day of odds and ends, including a catch up with our agent, Laura, and their new dog - Dennis!  He was so cute - they are not sure of his parentage but he is terrier like and black - very sweet.  

Work continues on the new fence to replace the trees we had to have cut down as their roots were a threat to the pool.  It's beginning to look very good and today's workman seemed extremely efficient and a tidy worker; we are happy so far.

We had to take a trip out for a few essential supplies - beer, strawberry jam and a new broom!  On the way back I was beginning to think I would be blipless but then noticed this building whilst waiting at the traffic lights in the centre of Algorfa.  I said to J that I needed to poke a lens through that fence so he turned right instead of straight on.  I must have passed that spot so many times but have never noticed the spiral staircase and the state of the building.  Interesting.

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