David Hume Tower

A colleague of mine used to say that the best place to have an office in the university was in the David Hume Tower because that's the one place where you cannot see it...

Well, I should be a bit more careful because I once made a negative comment about the DHT when chairing an inaugural lecture (when inviting the audience along to the extremely hot and confined spaces of the DHT common room...) and I got a very sniffy reaction from the audience primarily composed of architects and similar persons. I believe the Robert Matthew designed edifice might be listed, although I don't have time to go looking in detail. I know that its construction was part of a phase of University construction which involved what many people regarded as a phase of cultural vandalism and megalomania (a quote from the wikipedia entry for the nearby Appleton Tower) which luckily did not result in the complete destruction of George Square. Anyway, you can see from the vantage point of the sixth floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building that the DHT is a big unit and it certainly stands out!

I think I've been doing too many work related links recently. So here is one to a blog written by a blipper, about how to circumnavigate the globe without breaking your photo a day habit.

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