... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Egyptian Geese: preening goslings.

Feathers look much more interesting in large. OR just press "L" (thank you LadyMarchmont!).

The goslings had an epic preening session after getting out of the water this morning; they still seem rather un-used to their now heavier wings (they sometimes overbalance when they stretch them out...). This one was fussing at its feather shafts looking bemused: "Now what is going on?!".
The gosling that got caught in fishing line seems back to its usual self; it is actually very difficult to pick it out any more because the marks are almost gone, and it is no longer limping dramatically. Yay!

I also visited the pond on Wandsworth Common: there are some Egyptian geese there too (with some slightly older goslings), but they're much less enchanting (I'm really not sure why, but I'm certainly don't feel attached to them...). The mother goose lacks eye patches which is actually quite a common condition in Egyptian geese (they are often leucistic, and I think the lack of eye patches goes with that...). I've uploaded a picture of her to Blipfolio (here): she was sporting a brooch today!

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