Lovely leucadendron .....

...growing at the bottom of my property. They glow in the light, but it was rather flat today.
A busy day in many ways, including a visit from the EQR/EQC contractor responsible for my house repairs. There are two little items outstanding, which are to be attended to on Thursday morning. And then, believe it or not? the sign-off for that Defect List is to happen. I think that it just might happen. Every time there's been another hiccup it's actually moved towards the finish.

The only snag (hasn't there always been a snag!) is that the Insurance Co. is responsible for the leak in the garage roof, and we're now waiting to see if it's fixed, or if it leaks again. Fingers crossed on that one.

It's most unusual for EQR and an Insurance Co. to be involved in the same job, but here at my place, they have been. It's the way the mop flopped. They were never ever on site together though - that really would have been a big no-no. 

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