Tiny Drops

....for Tiny Tuesday.  

We are having a long stretch of rainy weather making blipping a challenge. I focus-stacked two images to get more of the drops in focus, but overall took the lazy woman's way around everything...didn't use a tripod, and didn't use better-lighting.  Anyway, I do love the curves on a Calla lily.

The refrigerator story has taken a turn.  Yesterday, for some reason, a lightbulb went off in my head and I thought I had better double check the measurements.  Our only concern would have been height because there is a cabinet above, but since the current fridge was the largest side by side on the market in its day, it didn't occur to me at the time of purchase that buying a smaller capacity fridge would present any problems.  Sure enough the fridge was 3 inches taller than we had room for.  So we went back to the appliance store only to find that our options were very limited unless we wanted to rip out cabinets and get new ones. So we ended up buying an imported fridge...for more money!   Arrives next week. 

Many thanks to JDO for superb hosting this month.  Today is exactly two years since Tiny Tuesday started. It was created by Walking Wombat and aptly named by Trisharooni. 

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