Forest View

At the end of a day of measuring and calculating for a new roof, and then gardening, I headed out to the forest for a walk. My body felt like it been making small movements all day and now it wanted to stretch out.
I walked 7,5 kilometres but it felt much further and by the time I got home I felt really tired. We are switching over to a low carbohydrate diet for a while and at the start I often get these gaps in my energy. I hope my body adjusts quickly.
As always the forest was lovely. One car drove past on the rough track, going very slowly. I knew the road led nowhere so it was a little strange but perhaps they were doing some motorised exploring. Otherwise I was alone with the rustles of the forest, occasional birdsong, and some raucus crowing from the crows.
Usually the forest closes around you but just at this point it suddenly opened up and I could see for miles.
(Backblip - today's, 23 May, blip is here.)

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