... from where I spent today!

As you mostly are aware, a lot of my time is involved with our local Prostate Cancer Support Group, and today was all day in Kings Cross Sydney, on the 6th Floor of the Cancer Council of NSW building.

The day was a full on workshop held by them for Support Group Leaders covering a subject not many wish to discuss!? 
Grief, Loss and Change from all suffers of Cancer.

Simply, an attempt to have us better equipped to "support" any members and families suffering from loss, or going through issues of, in our case Prostate Cancer.
Well worth the very early rise and late finish to attend.

Hence my not so pic taken with the bat phone, through a dirty window, from the sixth floor looking back over Sydney CBD - Harbour Bridge and top of Opera House. Tried to convince them it would be good to do a workshop on New Years Eve for us to have a great look at the fireworks!! Sadly it will not happen ... lol!!

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE

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