Orb Of Dew And Orb-Weaving Spiderling

It was already quite hot when Jazzy and I went for an early walk this morning. I got a nice pic of a greenfinch wheezing from the ash tree and there were plenty of bugs about. I've been checking daily an area in the field where I usually see my first grasshopper nymphs. It was alive with them today.

In shaded areas there was plenty of dew on the grass. I knelt down to get a shot of a drop with a tiny pappus stuck in it. As I did so this minute spiderling scrambled up the blade of grass. It's a baby garden spider. When they first hatch they cuddle together in a mass but after a few days they set out on their own. It didn't hang around, it was busy weaving an orb web. 

Today's poem is from What the Doctor Said by Raymond Carver. http://judithpordon.tripod.com/poetry/raymond_carver_doctor.html

Carver adopted "full time drinking as a serious pursuit" and by the age of forty his career, marriage and health were wrecked. He gave up drinking and the last ten years of his life were intensely productive. Unfortunately he died at the age of fifty from lung cancer and a brain tumour. The poem is an unsentimental rendition of the diagnosis.    

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