Old Silos...

...on an old abandoned farmstead. Remnants of the stone walls from the original house are still standing, although they're covered in weeds and vines so can't be seen from the road. I've passed these silos many times on my way to my sisters, always thinking that someday I'd stop and go walk around them--since I was ahead of schedule on my way to her house this morning, I decided today would be the day I'd do it.  I got right up to them and almost had a coronary, as I startled a duck that was in the grass & it flew up with some really loud quacking--IT scared ME much more than I scared IT, I'm thinking! Once my heart rate settled down, I stuck my head inside the door and saw a field mouse running along the edge of the wall, so I decided I'd had my share of critters for the day and walked back to the car, taking pictures as I went along! I headed to my sisters to help her clear out her garage so she can use the space for tables for the graduation party she's having for 2 of her sons. Paul graduated college with honors and is now an Industrial Engineer--he started work at his new job this past Monday. Nick is graduating from High School and will start his college classes in the fall. I also got to meet Willie, their new dog--a large standard poodle. Some of you may remember that they lost their lab, Louie, a number of months ago. They're planning on getting a chocolate lab puppy--the litter was just born last week--3 males and 3 females, and my sister has first choice of the males,  but in the meantime Willie's owner had a stroke and couldn't keep him any longer. His daughter  was looking for a good home for Willie (age 4), and Beth happened to meet her, Willie took to my sister and she to him. She brought him home with her, & the rest of the family took to Willie as well. He's a sweet, good natured boy who followed me around the whole time I was there. He will, I think, be a good "big brother" for the puppy when he comes!    (Willie's picture is in the extras)  :))

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