One, or t'other?

There's a danger the Wisteria will "go over" before I get a Round Tuit.
The extra is similarly NOT repeatable.
The Wisteria (yet another candidate for Smellivision)  looked better a short while ago, but I hung back, like a Pillock, hoping for full Bloom to beat new leaves. 
NAY! Mr. Wilkes. NO chance.
The border is a paltry attempt to, unsuccessfully, reproduce the actual flower shade as seen by eye.
Time is now split into "BA": before Alice "left" and "AA": After Al.
(Aside ... Have you noticed these days virtually nobody "dies" any more?
Is it, somehow, more politically correct to Euphemise it and say "He/ she PASSED?) 
Older generations used to say "Passed away", or "Passed over", but then older generations didn't say "Bless" ... shortened from "Aw bless" ... shortened from "Blessings on him/her" etc. etc. from my Grandmothers crowd: who actually had time to stop and recite things like "Oh bless his little hearts and parts and everything." which I heard her utter MANY a time.


I've just built the 1st of 2 raised beds, bought B.A. and never completed. I have it, more or less full, a la Lasagne Garden, one of the layers used up the last of my elderly compost/fertilised bags; Seen on the left, and another layer - the leaf mould which has been "mouldering away" for a year or three in a plastic "Dust-Bin".

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