The 'Girls"

We had a very fun and full on day.....began around 11am with coffee with them in their cabin, then we headed up the Cabot Trail to show them some of the scenery and then we stopped at Barbs 'Sew Inclined' store so i could pick up my mother of the bride outfit.   It was great to have their input as to what colour top to wear with this outfit!!!

They of course had to try on hats....Christine is on the left with the fur hat...doing her usual pose....and Lynn on the right, with the fabulous velvet hat she bought, doing her impression of Christine's pose! 

We headed on up and over Cape Smoke.....see extras for a couple of more images.

In the evening Terry joined us at the Bite House for a spectacular dinner.  The food was absolutely stunning...and the wine was lovely...the hilarity was high!   It is a small kinda intimate setting and we were rather boisterous....but after checking in with Bryan the Chef - he assured us that it was just wonderful to have that energy in the place!  

Another wild and fun evening.   I'm going to have to make sure i take some naps - these 2 are high wheeling city gals....and this wee country mouse can be a bit overwhelmed!

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