At the airport.

Waiting for Christine and Lynn to arrive.   Usually the plane stops right in front of this big window, and with my telephoto lens i like to get shots of my friends getting off the plane!   Not today....there was another plane stuck they came to the arrivals from a different direction!   

Things got too busy and exciting for me to remember to take any other photographs....pretty silly really, cos we were all together all day!!!

Had a very fun day, full of chatter, eating and drinking....i think we were all pretty exhausted around 11pm when i took them back to their cabin.   Having not been together, all 3 of us, for about 20 or so years it is an interesting combination of fabulous and wonderful memories, conversation and filling in a lot blanks as we each bring memories forth that one or the others don't remember!

It is a treat to have them here, a bit surreal at times to see these women whom i've known since i was 10 years old, sitting at my dinning room table.

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