Outside my kitchen window

A very happy Red Bellied Woodpecker papa on yet another rainy day.

I delivered a fun gift we found online to David in honor of his new fatherhood. He works in very close, in the next town. Sarah has been given the okay to exercise more after her c-section and Nora is beginning to sleep a bit longer at night. We hope to see all of them soon. They live about 40 minutes south on the way to Cape Cod, so we can't just run through the woods like I did when Gregory & Sarah were born. After this weekend, the big opening to summer, the drive there will be longer with the Cape traffic.

Hillary is giving a kick-ass televised Commencement speech now at Wellesley College. She went directly after 45 with a speech aimed at the new resistance. I think she pressed all his buttons with this one before moving on to a very positive, forward looking tone. It's a relief to hear such a sane and hopeful speech, one about learning, listening and serving. She's doing okay and we will too, somehow!

For the Record,
This day came in dark and rainy after a night of the same with thunder thrown in as a nasty wake up.

All hands horrified by the traveling 45 the 'bigly' bully, pushing his way through a trip giving us all a bad name. 

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