By TreeHugger


I was filling in time in our courtyard this morning and thought I would take some shots of our camellias, which are in full bloom.  Using the macro lens I zeroed in and discovered the tiniest of droplets covering the petals of this bloom.  I was quite excited about what I had captured until, on closer inspection I find that I must have a smear on the sensor of my camera.  You can see the dark lines in the centre of the image. I daren't do anything until I talk to my camera shop man, but have taken about fifty shots now an all have this aberration in the same location on the screen.  Now I have removed the lens I can see the smear on the sensor, but could not imagine how it came about. After some research I read that it can be caused by using shutter burst! Well, I don't understand the mechanics of this camera enough to see how that could be. Can anyone give me a clue?
I must say thanks to all my Blip friends who continue to support me despite my lack of response and commenting in general.  Every word, every star, every heart, is most appreciated. Perhaps I will eventually find my way back again.....

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