Same flower as yesterday, but you wouldn't get two images so different !!

What a miserable day it has been, from dawn to dusk.  Cool, drizzly, bleak and having a very sad funeral to attend this morning didn't help. No funerals are fun;  when we say goodbye to an elderly person is is a celebration of their life, but today saying goodbye to a young man who ended his own life when in a state of deep depression is a different story.  I have never been to such a sad funeral ever - the priest that took the service was his uncle, his brother and sister did amazingly well to talk about him, oh gosh it was just so so sad.  This young man went to kindy with my youngest, his mum & I shared driving as we had to travel into Timaru.  My lad went to our district rural school, he went into Timaru attending a Catholic School. There has been contact over the years, even though both boys had moved away from the area.  

So all in all, an day of sadness - even typing about this I find tears welling up.  His Mum, my friend will need so much support and it will be there.

Used my Lensbaby with aperture 2.8 and +10 macro glass....the chances of anything in focus is very slim !!


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