Fabulous crap

It looks like I missed out ;-)

Today I felt a lot more energetic than yesterday. Initially I felt a bit grumpy because I wanted to be in the hills. Yesterday I didn't achieve anything towards going away at the end of the week. I haven't fished for ages and when I checked my gear I found some of my line needed replacing.

As I no longer live in town it's a bit more of a mission. It was necessary so off I toodled. A big chunk of today ended up being focused on fishing gear. I have some spare leaders made up and new hooks on some lures I hope will do the business for me.

That leaves me plenty else to chip away at each evening this week. I should be manageable.

Today's gratitude: With a lighter heart and more focus to turn outward, I'm starting to get to know more of my neighbours. And yes, they know who Benedict is.

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