Allium christophii

After several days of fieldwork it was good to spend some time at home. Pete and I spent the morning trying to make the living room and garden presentable and safe for a ninety year-old, as there was a chance that Molly and her partner Trev might be visiting in the afternoon. 

Pete, Chris, Ben and I met them for lunch at our local pub to celebrate Trev's seventieth birthday. It was an enjoyable celebration, only slightly marred by the very slow service. Our waiter was a very friendly young man, but the place was clearly understaffed and he couldn't really keep up with all his customers. Molly managed to eat some of her first course, but really enjoyed her pudding of Eton mess - not a single scrap was wasted. 

In the end they didn't come back as she was quite tired, so I had a bit of time to catch up with paperwork and mooch round the garden, where the first flowers of the Allium christophii were just emerging. And everyone enjoyed the Bakewell tart that I'd baked, just in case...

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