VIVID #2....

.....had a super day wandering around the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney  and in particular checking out the Calyx which has won allsorts of design awards. And, can see why!

How fantastic, and in particular the 50 metre flower wall in the second extra which has some 18,000 plants. What a sight to admire, and can assure you the pic here does not do it justice.

We then finished up the day going down to see the Vivid light activities around the Bridge and the Opera House.  Quite something, and the decision to go out later paid off, not that many people at all by comparison to last years "wall to wall" standoff.

On our way back from the gardens today to the room, thought you may like the first extra which is last night shot in daylight.

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE 

... thanks so much for the feedback on yesterdays Blip, appreciated.
... and internet so slow here just made it after a 20 minute load!

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