VIVID #3.....

.... another day of fun as we had the opportunity to tour Downing Centre Sydney Court Building which aside being one of the main Court centres in Sydney, is also the original Mark Foy Building which in Sydney has a long retail history dating back to when built in 1909.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Sheriff on our last visit to Sydney, and she offered a tour when next in town. So today was the day. What a superb history and many stories to hear. 

Then it was back the the Botanic Gardens to check out the VIVID light Festivals activities there. 

Well let me tell you the crowd tonight was a little "wall to wall" and again we had left it till later.

Anyway, it was quite well done and chose this one of a pair of kiwis enjoying being on show!
Also in extra, some of Sydney overlooking VIVID.

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE , and thanks for dropping by, hope you are enjoying the colour show! Will get more happening on Flickr when we get home. 

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