Green Above, Green Below

It's been a damp and rainy spring, and there is standing water everywhere in the woods. The vernal pools are still full, even at the end of May, and there is water in places I may have never seen it before. The amphibians seem to be doing quite well. Take one step closer to that pond and you'll see and hear them - Ker-SPLOOSH! Ker-SPLOOSH!

The pink lady's slipper orchids are still blooming, and I spotted them along every path. My husband and I startled a white-tailed deer that was hanging out near one of the pools. We heard it crashing through the underbrush and I somehow KNEW it was coming back around. And it did - in one mighty LEAP, it cleared the trail right in front of us, and then disappeared.

And around us, everything was green, green green. The water in the pools seemed almost black, and it was great for reflection shots. I thought of mirrors: were the dark waters reflecting back simply what WAS, or showing us a doorway into another, more magical, world?

The soundtrack: Siouxsie & the Banshees, Hall of Mirrors.

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