County Show

As regular viewers of Countryfile we felt well able to cast an expert eye over the sheep being judged at the Surrey County Show today. They were groomed to perfection and proudly shown off by their handlers. We went into the cattle sheds too, and marvelled at the huge beasts waiting patiently for their turn to parade in the ring.
It is many years since we visited this huge one day show. I used to go every year to steward in the WI tent. We found them today and it was good to greet friends. They had had plenty of membership enquiries and were pleased to announce the opening of another new Surrey WI last week.
We trailed up and down past stalls selling outdoor clothing, tractors, expensive cars and all sorts of food. We got weary, and Normous eyed (but didn't buy) the walking sticks, see extra. Another extra shows the strange effect of smoke drifting in front of one of the huge marquees.
We left at lunch time. Rain threatened and we had seen enough.

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