Tiny Tuesday #105

These little Red Rumped Parrots have been having an absolute field day on these tiny berries on our tree. They literally flock to it and spend ages pecking away. I was chuffed to capture the male here in all his glory and his less ostentatious partner in the background with my macro lens. They didn't seem overly fussed by my proximity.

It was my morning off today and I went for a walk with Cousteau at the wetlands. Half way around our usual walk, I suddenly felt very nauseous. We raced back to the car and I just made it home before being sick.

I tried to ignore that I was feeling unwell but finally acquiesced to the fact that I would have to call school to let them know I wouldn't be there this afternoon. My one class would have been mightily chuffed as they were supposed to have a test today!

So, at my husband's request, I went to see the doctor, who gave me a quick check over and a medical certificate. He has asked that I get some blood tests done too.

I'm feeling a little delicate in the stomach area, but all in all am not feeling too bad.

I've been working on my tax return all afternoon. Fun times.

I'll leave you to these lovely little birds and their tiny berries.

Night all.


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