By kamran


Thomas (43) / Magdeburg / Homeless / Jobless

Busy road
A tall guy,
bent shoulders,
smoke from cigarette,
standing on edge of the road
all in a hurry to reach home
he is motionless.

How long is this series of homeless people gonna continue when I cannot help them anyway. How long I have to face these burning eyes which have nothing but complaints? Why do I chase them at all?

Let me confess.
So selfish I am. My blip is hungry. I hunt these poor people everyday with my camera. When I am confident I have some nice picture and a nice story for the blip, I run away and try to avoid them in the future. This is how I exploit these people.

What do I want to show with these pictures? Telling others that there are some poor chaps in the town. Everybody knows it. I get all the praise from others about these pictures, but what do these poor people get? Absolutely nothing, not even comments.

Give them food, give them jobs, give them home, give them all money. All is insufficient. They will remain poor.

Give them your Love and everyone will be rich.

P.S.: Dialog between me and Thomas

Me: Can I buy you something to eat? burger or döner?
Thomas: No
Me: Some beer?
Thomas: No
Me: A little money
Thomas: I don't need it.

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