Green Transport

When I read the Blip Community post about the latest community challenge, I immediately thought of this place and planned a return. I last got to this part of Baker's Yard in April 2015 and it was a lot easier to get to then. With the spring growth I struggled somewhat and felt a bit like a Victorian explorer. I felt I needed a pith helmet and a machete to get through. I got a bit stung and a bit scratched but was pleased that after a few false trails, I finally managed to get there. The last time I converted the shot to mono but today the colours are gorgeous so in colour it stays!

The derelict site was used mostly by motor repairers and I suspect this vehicle was a  scrapper that has donated parts to many others. I can't even identify what it was and I'm usually fairly good at that. With the dark red paint and the pin striping it was clearly an upmarket model. I first thought 80s Austin Princess but after checking online the door handles and fuel filler don't match up.

Anyway, it's been here since the late 80s when the site was abandoned and bought and sold by different developers who have yet to get any plans approved. It's all gradually being reclaimed by nature.

It's also my entry for this weeks Derelict Sunday. Not sure if it's hosted by freespiral or serpentine

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