Casa Amiga

Inside a #leithwalkshop! In fact, I've photographed Casa Amiga both outside and in already. I was having what could have been described as very late breakfast (except I'd had one of those at 6am) or a very early lunch after a visit to the PT. Very successful it was too, both because the coffee and food were excellent, but also because I prepared my remarks for an event I'm speaking at tomorrow morning in the Scottish Parliament. That's a level of rarely reached efficiency for my part.

Anyway, today is indeed another day compared to yesterday when I felt glum. Maybe even a glumbucket. Perhaps I benefitted from the very early start we had today, as Mr A was away to Belfast for the day to attend the funeral of his uncle. After dropping him at the airport first thing, I've had a pretty productive day, and the latter part of it has been spent sitting on my chair doing some much needed online shopping and listening to some favourite music on the Brennan which has now got a very wide selection on it.

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