Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

the Pump

Hurray we have a new (TESLA!, Italian!) well water pump!   Took 3 people 3 hours to raise the old one 175 feet and connect the new one .  This is slick because it’s all connected underground.  What did not occur to me is that we would have to let it settle before putting all that disturbed muddy water thru our filter system.. so, sigh… tomorrow maybe it will run out of our taps.  I didn’t do anything but watch (and cheer) and I’m tired.
The blip is the water guy and his daughter who is helping him and the new shiny pump!  She doesn’t want to get certified for this work tho doesn't like then septic tank parts.., she wants to rather be an EMT. 

A few extras.. dragging the old one out , no vehicles to help.. and putting all the new pipe in.  And I thot the picture of the 3 leaving in the boat was pretty cute.  Thank you!

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