West Norwood blips

By KandCamera


I took the train from Kuala Lumpur this morning and arrived in Butterworth mid afternoon. The train was ice cold. I don’t know why Malaysia insists on having their public transport the same temperature as fridges. It meant I was happy to get off the train to warm up. But by the time I’d carried my pack over the bridge to get out of the station and then back over another bridge and up to the ferry terminal, I was boiling hot again! The ferry from the mainland over to Georgetown, the island part of Penang is quick, only 15 minutes or so.

I went for a walk around in the late afternoon. There are lots of old colonial buildings. This, I think, is the City Hall. The Scots have definitely been here: there's Campbell Street, Argyll Street, Farquhar Street and Leith Street! Looking forward to exploring more tomorrow.

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