Cambridge Blue

Today’s picture is entitled Cambridge Blue, but her hair is a very dark blue, more like the other town, which I will not name, but which has a dark blue for its rowing club colours.
We decided to go to Cambridge today as my husband felt his knee and leg would benefit from some exercise. We also needed so other items and I also bought a new handbag (you can never have too many). We had breakfast and various stops for coffee and cake to give his leg a rest. We came home via Saffron Walden so that we could collect our prescriptions.
It was sunny and warm in Cambridge, but there was a thunderstorm in Saffron Walden when we were the furthest from the car. Where was my umbrella? In the car of course.

We got very wet, which was not a problem, but the rain got in my eyes and made them sting, so I am not sure what was in the rain that was coming down.

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