The Napoleon Complex

Good Lord, this jet lag is a bit of a fekker. Asleep at the back of midnight, I woke at 5am and fitfully dozed for another hour or so. Next thing I knew it was 12:45. If I had plans for the morning, that was them gone. Still, got a few hours of weeding in - highly therapeutic.
And feeling much energised, we jumped into the car and drove all the way to Glasgow on the wrong side of the road, changing gear when required. Manually!
For who was playing in the open air at the Kelvingrove Bandstand on a warm sunny evening (I know - in Glasgow) but the peerless Neil Hannon, he of the inestimable Divine Comedy. He was on top form, engaging and amusing, and clearly enjoying himself; it was billed as the Foreverland Tour but for all you youngsters out there he did all the old favourites, including an extended Indie Disco incorporating Blue Monday. Yeah yeah yeah! And home without crashing asleep or crossing the carriageway!

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