Kitchen cabinet

Long and entertaining day, making good use of a day ticket on the buses. We trekked out to far western parts of Edinburgh this morning to have a look at ideas for kitchens, clutching our suggested new design in our hands. We saw much that was interesting (and expensive, of course). No decisions, but a narrowing down of options.

Back to the centre of town, I tried on a few pairs of shoes (that I'll probably buy on the internet). Not necessarily such a good idea, as it started up the bad blister on my left foot that I managed to acquire yesterday. Excellent Spanish lunch (with white wine) on George Street, then we walked down Dundas Street to have a look at another kitchen shop, before catching the 36 home. A bit of resting and snoozing in the afternoon, we headed off again at 7pm to RW's party on Spoon. Having intended to leave early, we wound up amongst the last people there, talking with IS and PA, and on leaving the restaurant decided to go for "one last drink". That was famous last words. At 1.30am, we found ourselves with PA out on the streets, in vain search for a taxi. I'm not sure how PA got home, but we had to get a Night Bus, and walk through Jane Street, which was purgatory for my blistered feet and tired limbs. I don't think either of us would have passed a straight line test. Plus, there was a lot of kerfuffle with ticket buying, not least because both Mr A and I were convinced that the only buses that his card wasn't valid on were the vomit specials from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Turns out it isn't valid on the night bus either. Anyway, home safe and sound, after our "biggest" night out in years. All quite fun.

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