Glorious morning here in Essex. Jazzy was busy with MrQ so I went for a walk around our neighbour's lake. My attention was taken at first by a croaking call. It was a fledgling magpie struggling to even perch on a branch, let alone fly. Then I heard a screeching cry. It was the first ring-necked parakeet that I have seen on my patch. I saw them in Epping a couple of years ago and in the past year they have appeared at Fishers Green in the Lee Valley Park. They can be a bit pesky but I'm fond of the parrot family. The local magpies and jays seemed a bit put out by their presence.

I included the parakeet in my 30 Days Wild montage together with some other birds, a rabbit and a muntjac.   

Today's poem is To Catherine Wordsworth 1808-1812 by William Wordsworth.

Catherine died aged four when her mother and father were were both away and she was in the care of her aunts. How awful for all concerned.

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