... is what DollyKGray has suggested a good theme for todays Mono Monday MM176.

Why is my "nick name" Beckett?

Well it is a long story, dating back to 1066 and the "Battle of Hastings". Thanks to the ole WIKI for info.
Not a very good student at school with studies, as I was far too interested in sport and having fun!

However as we all find somewhere there is always a teacher who has that "touch" to get you involved and my history teacher was that person!

For whatever reason, the study of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 took my interest, firstly because it was close my October birthday. And for whatever reason the following history which took us to Thomas Becket also took my interest. Maybe because my name was Thomas and the teacher was often suggesting I could improve in all areas if I used my good manners (taught early in life by my parents) and I should talk a lot less!

The history stated that Thomas Becket was good mannered and talked alot!!!  mmmmm...

Anyway, then one day "Back When" looking to use a "code name" for something, my mind came out with "Beckett" - the extra T on the end came with my given name of Thomas. No coincidence of course but that maybe another reason I felt some association with the story/history!!

Okay DollyKGray there it is, and thanks for the challenge.

Oh, and the pic was one taken last week in Vivid as we walked past the old Government House here in Sydney, thought it closest to 1066 I could get?

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE.

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