In the cloud

Langkawi is a large island with a lot of hills so today I hired a motorbike to get out and see what I could. I went first to the cable car – billed as the steepest in the world. The place where it is located is very well designed to separate tourists from their money! The fee to go up on the cable car is only available as a combo package along with other theme park attractions that I wasn’t interested in. As you get on the cable car they encourage you to have your photo taken in front of a green screen then at the middle station you have the opportunity to buy the photo of you superimposed on a background of the view. Then they take another photo at the middle station and do the same again. At the top couples can buy a heart shaped padlock to lock to a railing.

The views are stunning. I got there just in time as the clouds were gathering on the top of the hills. It was sunny and clear to the south but no visibility at all looking north. I liked this half/half shot of the edge of the clouds moving in to obscure the view. There is a ‘sky bridge’ which runs from the top out over nothing to another hill. There’s an extra fee for that and since it was totally engulfed in cloud, I didn’t go across it.

In the afternoon I drove to the north of the island and went to a pretty waterfall and then to a beach. After I’d been for a swim it started raining a little. It didn’t last and I drove back in the dry and found sunshine on the south side of the island so went for another swim. I've added an extra of the waterfall. It's about half the waterfall as it's pretty high. The young guy climbed up to sit in the middle of it.

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