Langkawi panorama

I kept the motorbike for today as I wanted to drive up to the top of the highest mountain on Langkawi. It was a fun drive up a twisty but very quiet road. On my way up I only saw 3 other people going down on motorbikes and only one car overtook me near the top.

At the top there was a tower and this part of the view from the top. I’d gone early enough that the clouds hadn’t covered the hills like yesterday but it was beginning to get hazy. I stayed up there for a while admiring the view and reflecting on my time in Malaysia since this was my last full day. The landscape in Langkawi is different to other parts of Malaysia. There are more rice fields and agricultural areas whereas in other places I’ve seen less growing of food and more palm oil.

After driving back down the mountain I went to check out a different beach on the north coast. It was beautiful. I went for a walk along the beach which was nearly deserted and but as I was walking back and thinking I’d go for a swim, it clouded over and the monsoon rain started. I took shelter next to some stalls and had to wait for ages before it stopped raining. It did eventually and, like yesterday, halfway back to the other side of the island, the sun came out again.

I’ve been in Malaysia for almost 2 months. I didn’t plan it that way and when I arrived, I’d done very little research into what there was to see. It’s more like 2 separate countries with the peninsular and Borneo being quite different. I’ve really liked it, especially Borneo. I’m going to Thailand tomorrow. I don’t like Bangkok which is the only place I’ve been in Thailand but I’m hoping the rest of the country will be nicer!

(I’ve finally caught up with uploading blips from my last week in Borneo so have a look back for an orangutan, Borneo pygmy elephant, macaque, kingfisher and sun bear. I'm still 4 days behind though and am posting this from Thailand!)

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