Mono Monday - Bom

Well I'm afraid I can't use a photo to explain my blipname as per the Mono Monday challenge as it's just a nickname I had as a kid - I assume just a corruption of my name Bev. So I've used a photo of a hare plaque I bought recently from a country fair - I do like to put sculptures and plaques in the garden! So as per the challenge, here's some info about me.

I grew up in a small railway town in the countryside. As the youngest of 6 kids and with lots of friends, we were always out exploring down the canal and river and just had to turn up for meals. I knew lots about flowers and trees - all forgotten now. Then as a teenager Milton Keynes was built around us and I was fortunate to benefit from the building of shops, hospitals, leisure facilities, theatres and businesses - all without having to move out of the area!

I worked in banking most of my career (not the well paid bit!!!). My role was to challenge directors and senior executives over how they were managing risk - so it was often very stressful, technical and highly 'political'. I had a team of 15, and enjoyed coaching and developing people, but not dealing with underperformance. I travelled a lot, and often worked in London - putting in long hours!!!

I've now retired early and moved to Norfolk to live near my best friend and a fellow photographer / blipper. I'm now returning to the sort of life I had as a kid, spending lots of time in the countryside and exploring the arts and crafts rather than the highly technical things I did as a career. So I guess the hare represents that return full circle to spending more time in the countryside!

Thanks to Dollykgray for the challenge.

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