Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Names passed down

I have really enjoyed reading all about the blip names of my blip friends! Thanks to Dollykgray for this great mono Monday idea.

My name is Mary Elizabeth..maryeliza and the R is the first letter of my last name. I was named after my Aunt Mary with Mary being a name that was passed down for many generations on my Dad's side of the family. I have a cousin named Mary Jo and one named Mary Frances. Elizabeth is my Granny, my Mom's mother. I thank my lucky stars that I was named for these ladies and not Ethel mom said no one should be called Ethel! Aunt Mary was an elegant, dainty, softspoken southern Belle, who had "help" around her home for cleaning and cooking but no children; my Granny was a hard working mother of 10 who was always doing something for somebody..even if it was sitting on the ground with grandkids making mud pies. I hope I have some of both of them in me..except I do my own cooking and cleaning and am definitely not elegant and dainty.

My blip photo site is called Common Echantments as I record those little, everyday things that I see that enchant me. Everything is worthy of a photo!

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