Are you still there?

This raccoon has been raiding my bird feeder.....of course I chased him off, but first I got a few photos. At first he hid behind the feeder, then he looked around to see if I was still watching, next he looked over the top and showed his teeth, finally he climbed back over the fence and casually strolled away. I am afraid he will be back.....he was NOT afraid of me. But when he showed his teeth, I was afraid of him. :-((
Our company left today; after washing sheets and vacuuming their bedrooms, I totally rearranged the living room. I think I like the new arrangement. It was nice to clean and vacuum everywhere in the room.... I only clean around the furniture, except when I do one of these deep cleans. The older I get, the fewer times I deep clean.......I have had to lower my standards. :-)) 
I will probably start looking at your Blips again when I get back home tomorrow......but really having two houses is quite exhausting, especially with two large yards to maintain. I know we are blessed and I don't want to sound like I am is just not as easy for me as it once was!

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