Recent Acquisitions - MM176 (Monday 5th June 2017)

The theme of Mono Monday being Blip Names I thought I would photograph the latest pending CDs in my collection (the 50th Anniversary Sgt Pepper is not shown by mistake as it was in a CD player at the time). Thanks to Dollykgray for hosting Mono Mondays this month.
My journal avatar shows a scan of my eyeball as photographed a few years ago at the eye clinic, hence the Lozarithm Lens. I first used the name Lozarithm when writing as a Vine reviewer for Amazon, combining a seldom-used nickname and the words 'Logarithm' and 'rhythm' as nearly all my reviews were of albums or CDs. This is why I use a different spelling for the Lozarhythm Of The Day that accompanies my blip in some way that always relates to that particular day, however loosely.

6.6.2017 (1732hr)

Blip #2127 (#2377 including 250 archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #011
Blips/Extras In 2017 #184
Day #2629 (517 gaps from 26 March 2010)
LOTD #1362 (#1488 including 126 on archived blips)

CDs series
Black & White and Monochrome series
Still Life series

Taken with Pentax K-5 and Pentax smc P-DA* 55mm F1.4 SDM lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Pogues - Gridlock (1989)
Played from Peace And Love on this day from one of those Original Album Series five-packs. This instrumental is the opening track, written by their drummer, Andrew Ranken.

One year ago:
Avebury (Adam and Eve)

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