First rose of summer

A day of torrential rain, well, it was forecast and it is needed so no complaints.
Meanwhile it’s a bit of a rush now getting ready for Open Studios, which starts on Saturday. 
This year I am only doing three days. (Reason will be apparent next week).
As for the election all everyone is saying is  “ anyone but Nicola Sturgeon…” then they look around and say:” What’s the alternative? I have never voted Tory in my life. This time I will.”
Nicola, sadly, has not lived up to her early promise as a ground-breaking politician. A friend of mine, a lifelong supporter of SNP said: “She is like Margaret Thatcher…only worse.”
My personal gripe is that Nicola totally ignores the local democratic process. She rides roughshod over the wishes of the community. Instead of listening to people we have a centralised government with a whiff of Stalinism.
And she is going to pay the price for that on Thursday.
The last thing we want is another Referendum.

Blip pic: first rose of summer with a tiny Eskimo sculpture made of whalebone.

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