Refuge in the rain

In Berwick, it drizzled in the morning and there was thick, wet fog in the afternoon - I got a little damp walking to and from work, but nothing more.

In Wooler the weather was completely different - rain overnight, and heavy rain for most of the day and all evening. It was WET. And, unfortunately, it was the same on Lindisfarne. We drove there this evening for a pub meal with friends from the Morris team, which was nice. But the dancing, which we had gone to watch/perform, just didn't happen, though most of the team turned up just in case there was a break in the weather. We got soaked just walking to the pub from the car! It was a nice, social gathering though.

No exciting photos of Morris dancers. So MrM stopped the car as we drove over the causeway on the way home so I could take a couple of shots of the refuge through the car window. It's occasionally used by a surprising number of complete idiots motorists who ignore  all the warning signs and try to beat the tide as it's coming in across the causeway.

A sad day - RIP Vin Garbutt, the Teesside Troubadour

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