Short back and sides, Sir?

Turned out to be more of a fun day off than a working day!

With A & J, we were invited to Liz and Ian's for a "light lunch", with the possibility of watching their two alpacas being shorn if the shearer arrived while we were there. She arrived soon after we did, so lunch was put on hold for a while.

The alpacas, Badger and Romily (extras), weren't keen on having their yearly hair cut, and it took two people to hold them down. Romily went first. After the main fleece had been shorn with the clippers, he had a 'hair cut' with the shears. Afterwards (extra) he was let out in to the main paddock, looking much thinner and probably feeling much more comfortable, and then it was Badger's turn.

Lunch was a veritable feast, lasted most of the afternoon, and was a nice, sociable occasion.

An evening of paperwork for me, while MrM went off to the Irish session in Belford.

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