By wellsforzoe

Chasato preschool: 40 three to six year olds

4th June 2017:

The school was built by the community, the iron sheets was provided by by the MP.  Wellsforzoe  provided training for caregives  and pots, plates  and spoons for  porridge for the children.


Area: Chasato
Group Village Head: Andrea Moyo
Village Head: Mkowera Msyanga

Name of Local MP: Olipa Myawa
Name of Local Counsellor: Mr Lungu

Name of Location:  Chasato
When was School Established: 2012
Do they have a building: Yes
When was is it build: 2013
Type of  building; Bricks and iron sheets and cement floor

Is there a Kitchen: No
Is there a Toilet: Yes
Does the Toilets have doors: No
Is ther porridge ladies: Yes
Is there school committee: Yes
Is there church involved: No
Is the school registered with social welfare: Yes
Is the school part of CBO: Yes

S: 11 22 55
E: 33 55 04

Number of children: 40
Number of caregivers: 2
Do care givers get paid: No
Time to school from futhest house hold: 50 mins
Time to nearest primary school: 1:30 hrs
Time to nearest ssecondary school:  1:30 hrs hrs

Estery Moyo: 0999935167
Are there girls with MSEC who could be trained as carers:  Yes
Could they get a little money:  Yes


Wells for Zoe

Pre school number

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