Ballyknockan is a source of joy

6th June,  2017:

We were passing through this village two weeks ago and they stopped us and requested fora  pump and 
assistance to install for them in the village. Now we have installed the pump and they are very happy to have it as they were not expecting it so fast. Thanks W4Z for safe water
which they have satarted using now and protecting them from water borne disease.


District:  Mzimba
Area:  Manyamula
Village:  Yatamu Ng'oma
Distance from factory:  116  km
Depth of well:  7.9  meters
Former water source:  open well
Furthest from well: 270  meters
Number served:  101 families
Preschool:  none
Primary school:  50  mins
Secondary school:  55 mins


S: 11 55 40
E: 33  27 27


Vumbe Ng'oma : none


John, Noo Ety, Mia, Ballyknockan Wicklow, Ireland

Pump Number


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