Playing With The Wind Chime.

I only had Isabella for the morning, as Peter had to go to the doctors.  He's got an infection in his eye so had to take time off work.

So the rest of my day went as normal, until the early evening.  I had a call from Alexandra, saying Peter had been extremely sick, and hadn't reached the bathroom in time, could I go and help clean up.  As she's eight months pregnant, and with a 2 year old getting upset, I couldn't say no.

So after all that I went home, went to bed and was just about to go to sleep when she rang again, saying he was extremely ill, and could I go over again.  So off I went again.  She'd rung for an ambulance, but when they came, Peter seemed a little better so decided not to go to hospital.

I got home about 1.30, had a cuppa of tea and went to bed.

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