Yellow Flag - Iris pseudacorus

Today was the biggest cycling day of our holiday. We covered just over 60 miles from Timgarry on the far west coast of Lewis to Tarbert on the east coast of Harris.

We took two breaks along the way: the first for a bowl of soup and a scone at Callenish for our lunch; and the second for chocolate to power us up the 187m climb of the Clisham.

After we checked into our bed and breakfast in Tarbert we wandered down the road (on foot) to the Harris Hotel for supper. There we came across a threesome that comprised two friends and a nine year-old boy (the son of one of them). They have cycled all the way from Kent to the Outer Hebrides, the little boy all under his own steam, and one of the adults on a fixie bike! They made us feel like weaklings.

I blipped this yellow flag iris on the way to the hotel.

Exercise today: 60+ mile tandem ride.

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