Tractor Factory Photos

By TractorFactoryPhotos


Another one of those impressively soggy days. I had to get the train across the bridge to my civic duty and ran into Budgie here on the train.

Budgie is, as far as I know and categorise#, is the oldest active skater in Scotland. He's an engineer and is currently working on the re-building of Bristo Square in Edinburgh. This does tie in rather neatly to his rather clever headwear. Bristo Square once was Edinburghs home of skateboarding but is now getting rebuilt and from what Budgie informs, being well and truly skate proofed.

So it a sort of very clever take on Mr Trumps slogan, protest hat. A wicked skater and very nice felly. Thanks for the photo sir.

#By categorise I mean he skates in skateparks, on transitions, on standard skateboards and does so regularly inspite of not driving.

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