Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

The View

The blipfoto is part of the view we have from our balcony which looks towards the gorge running down to Afrata beach. As we were having breakfast I noticed a lovely mist around the island and the lone tree standing on the ridge. I waited patiently and managed to get a bird flying past to complete the composition. I took it in monochrome.

We then went to the Friday market in the village to stock up on fruit and vegetables for the coming week. The bargain was a large baked clay pot of greek home made yoghurt at 3.5 euros. Carrying it up to our room I was carrying quite a bit and dropped it! Mrs BB salvaged what she could and then we returned and bought a couple more!

The afternoon was spent visiting the Greek war cemetry at Kolimbari, the  British and allied forces cemetry at Souda, and the German cemetry at Maleme. The one at Souda was extremely impressive and well maintained (see blip extra) which has 1,500 graves. Such brave souls who gave us our freedom we have today, to have a democracy that is the best in the world. Most graves are from The Battle of Crete

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