JVM my life

By JulieVMac

Golden Postbox

Kayak launched on its maiden voyage from Loe Beach, N stopped to be sick not sure he has sea legs! Great morning spent paddling around the river estuaries, pulled in at Pandora Inn for lunch and drinks, check out the blip - I've found a golden postbox, my first one, wonder if this is how Charlie felt! Nice to leave the pub and jump into a kayak instead of a car, I could get used to this.

Afternoon we went down to Poldhu to try out its sea worthy capabilities. Sea kayaking is my new adrenalin rush, you spend ages trying to paddle out then turn the kayak round to face the shore and wait for a wave, problem was I'd paddled out a fair distance and the wave I caught was a good 6ft tall, I remember riding the crest of the wave and then being hit in the head as the boat flipped over and trying to hang onto paddle and sunglasses, fantastic fun! Evening spent reminiscing over the weekend's hen activities with my three cousins and fav auntie!

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