New Kids on the Block

This morning I went out to Sudden Valley to pick up some halibut and salmon from the Wild Fishwives. Last year I did a CSA (community supported agriculture) with them but they weren't able to do that this year so instead they send an email letting people know when they will be open and you can go pick up fish. I really like the owner of the company and she and I had a long talk about all kinds of things while I shopped for fish.

When I got home I noticed two little spotted fawns in the garden above the driveway. So I ran in to get my camera and came out again to grab some shots of them. How cute they are!

I was feeling at lose ends so I decided to go down to the Chuckanut Bay Gallery. I had bought a scarf there and I realized that somehow I had paid too much. So I showed the gal the receipt and we solved the problem with an expresso and chocolate bar to make of the difference. Worked for me. Then I stopped in Fairhaven and did some shopping at Village Books and at one of my favorite art stores where I bought a purse. Like I need another one... but I am a certified "bag lady" so I guess that is my excuse.

When I got home I took a walk in the park. I saw the weirdest goose (or I thought it was a goose) while I was there. It had a strange red area on its bill and was black and white with iridescent feathers. When I got home I looked it up and found it was a Muscovy Duck. They are not native to this area but have migrated here from south of Texas. I had to look on the Internet as none of my bird books had the Muscovy Duck in it. I put a few more photos on Chaikins of Bellingham. It turned into a nice day.

Almost forgot: yesterday long after I had done my blip, there was an amazing sunset rainbow. Thought I'd show you what it looked like in today's extra.

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