We spent Saturday morning loving and playing with Topaz.  He is so feisty, and fun right now.  He LOVES to run the full length of the house, and he is FAST.  You really have to pay attention to where you are putting your feet right now. One minute the floor in front of you is clear...and the next second....baby kitty is there.  WHOA! 

We headed to the beach in the afternoon for one of Sugar's friend's birthday/going away party.  The weather was iffy.  One minute it would be raining, and the next it was sunny, but it really stayed mostly nice the entire afternoon.  Love this shot of Sugar and her friend.  They each held a ball, and ran towards each other.  BOING.....the would bounce apart.  So fun! 

In the evening, at the same location was Sugar's "end of the school year" party for her class.  There was a good turn out, lovely food, and lots of laughs.  My girl is very lucky.  It was a long day though.  We got home past 10pm...exhausted.

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